Friday, March 18, 2011

In the Works

Spring break has given me the time for which I've been longing to bake and bake and bake. I don't have anything complete to post about today due to pictures being on various cameras and other silly things like that.

But here are some teaser shots of recipes to be posted soon!

The first is a dessert I'm formulating for my dad's birthday celebration on Saturday. Blood Orange Pudding Cakes with Vanilla Custard and Blackberries. I'm thinking of making some blood orange caramel to drizzle on top as well.

I've been going crazy with blood oranges lately. I also made a Blood Orange Upside-Down Tea Cake. Pictures to come soon!

This week I've had the luxury of being at my parent's farm most of the time. Photographing in natural light in their kitchen and back porch makes me never want to snap pictures on my stove-top again.

I made these mini baguettes for a picnic Ryan and I went on today for lunch...Grilled Chicken, Apple, and Brie Sandwiches!

I also have two Irish Soda Bread loaves in the oven right now to serve tonight at a St. Patrick's Day Party. That are looking beautimous, I must say, but the middles of the loaves are still a little soggy.

Look for more posts soon!


  1. Oh man, those baguettes are beautiful! I'm hoping that next week, over our spring break, I'll have plenty of time to catch up in the kitchen - it's been a hectic week!

  2. Wow! Those baguettes look PERFECT! Bravo, sis! I want to make them sometime!