Monday, March 21, 2011

Blood Orange Pudding Cakes with Vanilla Custard and Blood Orange Caramel

As you can see, the mini muffin tins had quite a different result than my silicone mold. But after the initial frustration, I remembered that the secret to success is pretending like every accident is on purpose! Those who had tried my first batch earlier this week actually said these tasted better, and I think it is due to the visible (and accidental) crust formation and caramelization on top.

I was playing with the manual focus setting on the camera that day, so please excuse the slightly out-of-focus photo below (and the Irish Soda Bread shots soon to come). But I simply had to show you the beautiful combination of the reduced blood orange juice with the yolk/flour/sugar mixture.

The recipe coupled the cakes with a delicious and outrageously easy Vanilla Custard. I also decided to add the Blood Orange Caramel since we had enough oranges. It didn't properly thicken, but boy was it sweet.

The photo below was taken right before dessert was served.

My mother was putting together some fantastic Asian-flavored kebabs while I was making the dessert.

After a day of frustration with my limited camera and food styling abilities, I swore to learn more about the subject this summer. Anyone have a good book/website suggestion?


  1. I know this isn't very helpful, but I LOVE your photography! :) It is one of my favorite things about reading your blog- seeing the pictures :) So, I'm sure I'll be blown away this summer when you master your technique!

  2. I think you definitely have great food styling! You prove it with this exceptional dessert!

    But if you're looking for a good website, I always check this one out when I want to experiment or learn more -

  3. my favorite food styling blog is His shoots have a sense of whimsy ( like the giraffes peering up into the cake stand here: Also, there's something rather...well, sweet...about a rather portly older man who creates such perfect, delicate photographs.