Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fajitas with "Killed" Jalapenos

Here is another of my dinners during lactose-free week! I admit...the lack of cheese and sour cream was a little disappointing as those are generally staples in my Mexican meals. But this was quite tasty...especially with the addition of "killed" jalapenos*, as inspired by this Cooking Light recipe.

The jalapenos* were thinly sliced and then soaked in water, sugar, and lime juice while I was making the rest of the food. They retained just the right amount of kick, but also savored of sweet citrus!

I used the last of the leftover London Broil I had frozen from spring break.

The vegetables were a mix of bell peppers and mushrooms, flavored with chile powder and garlic. After sauteeing* them, I added the meat back so it would soak up a little of the spices.

We topped the tortillas with cilantro and fresh tomatoes. I love these flavors in the summertime.

*It has been bothering me not knowing how to insert accents or tildes. Can someone tell me how? I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. it was delicious! yay yummy food!

  2. Can't wait to kill some jalapeños for myself!
    Try Alt + 164 for ñ.